10M Safe Work Hours


HMC Polymers was recently recognized by our JV Associate, LyondellBasell for a major milestone in our corporate history. HMC is pleased to announce a significant safety achievement:

  • 6 Years without a Level 2+ Recordable Injury
  • 10,000,000 continuous safe work hours

At HMC we require that each employee is fully committed to safety and is responsible to be fully attentive at all times, ensuring that each person, their colleagues and visitors do not get injured while at work at any HMC location, plant or office. Visitors to our sites will see our slogan “GoalZero” which is prominently displayed at our facilities. “GoalZero” means no injuries. But it is much more than a target, it is a mindset and a way of working every hour of every day.

The GoalZero program adopted by HMC was first implemented by our JV Associate LyondellBasell. Together, we have operated our facilities using the key GoalZero objectives which are:
  • All accidents are preventable
  • An accident which results in serious injury is unacceptable – not today, not tomorrow, not ever
  • Everybody is responsible for their own safety – and that of their co-workers
  • Management is responsible for the adequacy of our systems to avoid accidents – and ultimately for everything that occurs under our duty of care

Passing the milestone of 10 million hours worked by employees and contractors under our supervision without any case of an injury requiring professional medical treatment is a proud moment and a truly world class performance. It is however, not about records or being the best. The key issue is that we want to ensure that people return to their families at the end of the working day in good health.

HMC management congratulates our dedicated employees who have been instrumental through their focus on safety as a first priority for the company to achieve this positive result.